Wedding Cakes

Making wedding cakes is challenging because it must be perfect! Are you planning a wedding or have you been asked by a friend to make their wedding cake?   The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception and everyone will be admiring it.  You should also be familiar with wedding cake decorating and techniques such as using pedestals, making flowers, using live flowers, and especially how to transport a large cake.

 So, you have accepted the challenge and you are making wedding cakes.   The decorating of a wedding cake is both similar and different from other cakes you have prepared.  Work with the bride and her mother to find out exactly what they want on the cake.  Some people want all icing decorations, while others want fresh flowers or fruit, or ceramic figurines.

If you have experience with a piping bag, you may wish to use a basket weave pattern.  This is always a favorite and looks much harder than it actually is.  Another simple decorating
technique is to pin a ribbon around each layer.

Planning to use roses made from the icing?  You can make the flowers days in advance and set them in a dry dark place to dry.,  This allows you to simply set the flowers on the cake at the last minute.  Remember, do not place the roses in direct sunlight as their color can fade.

One of the simplest and most elegant styles is to decorate with fresh flowers.  Work with the florist to get flowers that are unsprayed for decorating the cake.  Edible flowers are also popular.  The flowers can be laid strategically along the top of the cake and can be gorgeous as they cascade down the side of the cake and onto the table.  One feature that makes live flowers a favorite is that you can do the last minute decorating at the reception.

What Size Slices Are Appropriate?

“I’d like a slice with a lot of icing.”
“Just a small piece for me, please.”
“I’ll take a big piece – that’s my favorite cake!”

In terms of the size of a slice of cake, guests can be really picky.  Do you ask guests what size of the slice they want or do you just serve the slice you want to offer?

Do You Offer Your Guests A Second Slice of Cake?

Your cake was a big hit – everybody loved it!  You sense everyone would like more.  You have to decide if you want to keep any remaining cake or offer your guests a second slice.  The problem is that if your guests accept your offer of a second slice, you may not have any cake left.

If you want to ensure that you have cake left, don’t offer seconds.  Is keeping the remaining cake selfish?  Absolutely not!  Your cake is yours to do with as you please and you have no obligation to serve a second slice to your guests.  Even if you serve your cake solely to your family members, offering them seconds is optional.  You may want the extra slices to serve later to your family, friends, neighbors, or relatives.

If you do want to offer second servings, feel free.  You may want guests to eat as much food as they can hold.  You may want to avoid having cake in your home because you don’t want to be tempted to eat it yourself.  You may even want to ask guests if they would like to take extra cake home with them so you won’t have any left.

Serve extra slices of cake, give slices to guests to take home with them, or keep them for later. Having people want more of your cake is definitely a compliment to your cooking.  Thank goodness, however, when you are the cook, you also get to determine the exact lucky people who will get to eat those remaining mouth-watering slices!

Choosing the Wedding Cake Baker

You’ve set the date, now the planning begins!

Besides choosing your wedding dress, flowers, and the location of your honeymoon, choosing the right baker for your wedding cake is crucial.

You probably have some idea of what kind of wedding cake you would prefer. If you have a picture of your favorite cake, it would be a good idea to have it with you while you are choosing a baker.  Tell your baker the colors and types of flowers you are using in your wedding so they can coordinate the cake decorations to your color scheme.   Also, have an idea of how many tiers you would like and the type of cake topper you will be adding as the finishing touch.  You may also want to order a smaller groom’s cake in another flavor such as chocolate or mocha. The groom’s cake is very special as it is considered a gift from the bride.  Finally, ask for pictures of cakes that the baker has done and for references from his or her clients.

When you are searching for a wedding cake baker, it is a good to talk to friends or family members for any recommendations. Most people are willing to offer advice and share their experiences.

Reliability is a very big issue when making your decision. Can the baker be trusted to deliver the cake on time and on the date as ordered?  You want your wedding cake delivered on time and in perfect condition. Ask if they will be able to set up the cake a few hours before the wedding and if they will be providing the table linens or adding fresh flowers to the cake on-site.

Cost is also a major issue. When you have made the decision of what baker you want to use, be sure to have the baker sign a contract showing the cost, the amount of deposit and the date and time of delivery.

Of course quality and taste is also very important! Your guests will remember three things about your wedding: the wedding dress, the ceremony and the Wedding cake!

wedding cakes

History of Wedding Cakes

The history of Wedding Cakes goes as far back as the Roman era. Of course the Romans did not bake elegant wedding cakes with a cream frosting and top it off with the traditional bride and groom.  Most of the time they would use of wheat bread loaves.

The groom would eat a piece of the loaf and crumble the rest over the brides head. The crumbs that would fall to the floor symbolized good luck and fidelity for the bride and groom.  It was also said that whoever would eat the crumbs would also receive good luck.

During the middle ages, a wedding cake was made from a biscuit or scones. These cakes were called Bridal-Wedding cakes. Before the actual ceremony each guest would bring one small bridal cake. These cakes were about the size of what we call a cupcake. Once the guest arrived, all of the small cakes would be piled on top of one another. Then the bride and groom would kiss  across the top of the piled cakes.  This was also a tradition that was said to bring good luck in their marriage.

Today, wedding cakes are composed of several cakes ranging from three to seven layers, the entire cake being covered with a cream icing. You can also choose from a variety of shapes such as round, square, rectangle or even heart shaped.

At the wedding reception it is a tradition that the bride and groom cut the first two slices of wedding cake together. The groom feeds the bride the first slice and the bride feeds the groom the
second slice. This symbolizes the support they will provide for each other.