Cake Types

Cake types can be sweet or savory, layered, flavored, or decorated for a special occasion, not over-baked, not under-baked.  They can be pound cakes, cheese cakes, flavored cakes, or cakes with luscious fillings.  Your gorgeous, delicious cake is perfect, and the icing and decorations are exquisite.  What is the best way to present your masterpiece?

Set your cake on a beautiful cake platter (with or without a pedestal) and leave it on display with or without a holder on top.    Using a clear holder over it protects it from mishaps.   You don’t want a jokester or child swiping a delicately iced decoration for a taste prior to dessert time!

If you bring the cake into your room of guests without them seeing it in advance, allow time for guests to look at it and enjoy hearing them say their “ooh’s” and “ahh’s.”  Then, you can cut the cake in front of them, preferably using your silver cake serving utensils.  Optionally, you can take the cake into the kitchen to cut it and have a friend serve it to your guests

Presenting your cake like a prize makes serving dessert into a special occasion.   The cake plates, napkins, and forks you provide make eating the cake special too.  You can even coordinate the plates, napkins, centerpiece, and the cake itself so that they all have a similar color or theme.

The more you can make serving and eating your cake into an actual “event,” the more your guests will feel that they are experiencing an honor.

As a comparison, think of eating a cake at a picnic.  The cake may taste good using paper plates and napkins, but for true elegance, nothing compares to eating from real china plates, and using cloth napkins.  Your guests will remember that you made them feel like kings and queens before they ever took the first scrumptious bite of your delectable, memorable cake.

bundt cake with icing

Does Using A Mix Count As Baking A Cake?

When you have limited time, money, ingredients, or motivation, using a mix for your cake may be the best option for you.  In fact, some  cake mixes taste even better than some homemade cakes.

If you believe that using a mix doesn’t count as baking, think again.  There are countless recipes that use a cake mix and then embellish the mix with additional ingredients.  Some add mayonnaise for a heavier, more moist texture.  Others add vanilla or other extracts for additional flavoring. Even canned frosting can be used as a base and additional ingredients can be added such as vanilla or almond extract.   The effect is a home-made taste without all the work.  And no one has to know except you.  When you eat cakes that other people serve you, do you know for sure whether or not the cake is from a mix?  You can guess, but without asking, you can never know for sure.

If others can bake and serve a cake from a mix, so can you.  Does using a mix still count as baking a cake?  It sure does.  Otherwise, stores wouldn’t stock and sell mixes not only for baking cakes, but for baking brownies, cookies, strudels, and other desserts as well.

So consider baking a cake from a mix if doing so meets your needs.  For example, if at the last minute you need a cake for the next day and you already have another engagement that prevents you from making one, you can ask one of your older children to bake the cake using a mix.  Another instance is when at 8:00 p.m. you remember that you’re supposed to bring a cake for a function the next day and the only usable ingredient in your pantry is a cake mix, be grateful that you have a mix to bake.  A cake from a mix is still a cake – and one thing remains constant – people who like cake will definitely eat yours without ever asking whether or not its from a mix!

Cheese Cakes – Sweet or Savory?

Thinking of cheesecake?  Decadent thoughts travel through your head about the sweet savory taste of this cheese-based cake.  Cheesecake is now one of the most common cake types in the world and perhaps one of the oldest involving dairy products other than milk.

Almost all cheesecakes in the United States use cream cheese.  In Italy, cheesecakes use ricotta cheese and the Germans use quark cheese.  The different cheeses provide a uniquely different taste and texture, but it is still a cake that everyone loves.

There are many different types of cheesecakes, but the most popular in the United States are the American (made with cream cheese) and the New York style (made with heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and egg yolks).  Also popular is the Chicago style (made with cream cheese), which has a hard shell with a creamy interior.  The Pennsylvania Dutch style (made with different types
of cheese using larger curds and less water)is famous also along with the Philadelphia style which is lighter in texture but creamier in flavor.  The list of sweet cheese cake styles goes on.

The best cheesecakes are best made with natural ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs, pure vanilla extract, cream cheese, sour cream and graham cracker crumbs.   Then, added to this, are the many different flavors that can be added to a cheesecake.  Some of our favorites are white chocolate, pumpkin, oreo, and peanut butter—but, there are literally dozens of different flavors.

Savory cheesecakes are perfect for an appetizer or cocktail buffet and include fresh herbs for flavor rather that sugar. Rosemary, garlic, oregano, and basil are often used along with parmigiano reggiano cheese for a sharper flavor.

When it comes to a cheesecake, your options are unlimited.  You can make your own or purchase it.  There are many companies that you can order a special cheesecake from—and, in most instances, you can freeze the cheesecake and use it later.

Whether you make it yourself or purchase it, your guests will enjoy being served a sweet or savory cheesecake.

Cakes Types That Travel (Best Cakes to Take To a Party)

One of the biggest problems when making and decorating a delicious and beautiful cake is transporting it to your destination without the cake being cracked, toppled, crushed or smeared by the time you get there. Knowing which cake types travel the best will help keep this disaster from striking you and your cake will turn up at the event looking just as great as the second you
finished it.

One cake that is a true transport dream is that of the wonderful tasty sponge cake. The sponge cake is made with eggs, wheat flour and sugar, then at times baking powder is used in the leavening of it. These are extra scrumptious when drizzled with a glaze and topped with berries fresh in season. This cake stays put while traveling, it may jiggle a bit but it won’t come apart or

The angel food cake is another travel worthy choice to bake when going to a party. This cake is springy and does not have much movement to it, due to its lightness. Once cooled the texture is airy and fluffed. Iced with a glaze or even honey drizzled over the top with the addition of fresh fruits, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Baking your favorite flavored cake can still be done by using fondant for the covering or icing on it. The fondant is much sturdier than frosting and is harder to smear, crumble or fall. Another perk in using fondant is the colors come in a vast array and there are many flavors too. Popular color choices are burnt orange, lemon yellow, mint green, red, light blue and pink. This goes on so
smoothly for an almost flawless looking finish to your delicious cake. You can even add sugar flowers or edible flowers for even more detailed decoration.

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

Holiday Cake Types

Holiday cakes bring added joy and warmth to the holiday party or dinner; we all host or attend throughout the holiday seasons. There also fun to decorate and bake also.

Are you having a delightfully devilish Halloween party? There are a large number of cake types for this occasion such as a perfect rounded jack-o-lantern, ghosts, witches, a haunting Halloween scene, tombstones in different sizes and a trick or treat theme as well.  A very unique holiday cake is one depicting a turkey fully roasted with all its delectable trimmings, in full cake form including
drumsticks. This is a creation your guests will be talking about for many years to come.

Christmas is another wonderful holiday, especially for cake lovers. How about a giant delicious smelling gingerbread man or woman? There are cakes that look like Santa, happy, plump snowmen, beautifully decorated sheet cake nativity scenes and winter wonderland scenes and of course you can’t leave out the Grinch.

Birthdays are holiday’s where really anything goes for cake decorating and styles, especially when it’s for a child. For girls these holiday cakes are the most popular now, the lovely ladybug, the princely frog, the enchanting Barbie doll style cake with Barbie included, the princess cake, the mermaid cake, the animals party cake and the kitty kat cake. For the little guys there
are the Pirates cake, the dinosaur cake, the car and truck cake, the robot cake, the construction cake, the Scooby Doo and gang cake and the Superheroes cakes. All of these are the perfect additions to your child’s special day.

We can’t forget the grown ups birthdays either, these are some of the most unique styles of cake types, the 60’s groovy cakes, the 70’s disco cakes, the flower garden cake, the beach scene cake, the sand castle cake for the ladies and for the men cakes such as the pool table cake, baseball game cake, super bowl cake and hot rod cakes.  What cake types are your favorite?


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