Cake Supplies

Cake decorating supplies and tools are available to make your job easy.  Your cake is baked and iced and you want to put decorations on it.  What are your choices?  If you’re baking a cake for a child, simply find out the child’s favorite interests.  Hobby, craft, and even toy stores have plastic ballerinas, superheroes, flowers, clowns, or any other plastic items that may delight the child. Wash the items in hot water and thoroughly dry them to eliminate germs and then place them strategically on the cake.   For a child’s birthday party, you may want to use enough decorations so that each child who attends can take home a plastic decoration as a favor.  Be sure to have enough favors for the child having the birthday to have one too!

Placing plastic items on cakes for teenagers or adults is appropriate too.  Males love plastic sports figures and objects.  Females love cute plastic handbags or little signs that say things like “Born to Shop.” You can have fun using your sense of humor to make the recipient laugh.

Plastic decorations are only one option.  You can use raisins, fruit, candy, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, or other edibles to decorate your cake.  You can make faces, designs, or simply place the goodies however you like.

You can even put real flowers around the cake to make it attractive as long as you’re sure the guests know which are real ones and which you’ve made from sugar!  Sometimes, your own decorations are so pretty they look real.

The decorations you use can make your cake festive, funny, or frivolous.  When you do present your cake, enjoy the compliments you receive on it – after using your creativity, you certainly deserve them!


Cake Decorating Supplies (tool, stencils, etc)


Whether you are a beginner or a professional cake decorator, you will need certain equipment and supplies to make your cake decorating easier and quicker.  The right decorating tools can make a difference!

There are many different companies that sell cake decorating equipment and supplies.  You can order supplies through the mail, internet, or by going to a cake decorating shop—even some craft stores are now carrying these supplies.  Wilton products are very popular and many cake decorating tools are carried at Michael’s Craft Stores.  The cost you pay for your supplies will vary by the type of store you purchase them from, and, in some instances, you are getting the same item just paying a different price for it.

If you are seriously interested in decorating cakes, you should invest in a few special items.  Purchase cake circles and boards, a turntable, one plain and one patterned side scraper, an acrylic board and rolling pin, a set of crimpers, cake smoother, brushes, parchment paper triangles, a flower nail, icing colors, piping gel, spatulas, stencils, a tool caddy and icing tubes and tips.

This sounds like a lot of equipment, but once you get started decorating cakes, you will find that each item has a specific use.  Using the correct equipment and supplies will help ensure that you have everything needed to decorate your cake.

Now that you have everything you need, it is time to start decorating your cakes.  You will find that decorating cakes is actually enjoyable and you will delight your family and friends with the many different spectacular creations you prepare.


Top Cake Decorating Suppliers

The top cake decorating suppliers can provide you with all of the equipment and guidance you need to make your cakes a splendid work of art.  Some of the top decorating suppliers include Blue Ribbons Sugarcraft, PattyCakes, The Ultimate Baker, Wilton and the list goes on.

You can find cake decorating supplies in many different stores including craft, grocery stores and other establishments that specialize in cake and candy making.  Many cake decorators have their favorite supplier while others are willing to use different manufacturers.

Take the time to work with the different cake decorating suppliers to determine what you like about each different manufacturer.  You may find that you like the bake ware from one company, the icing from another, and the coloring supplies and books of a third.  It is very possible that one company will meet all of your needs, but do not be afraid to try different ones.

You can also talk to friends or people at the local craft store to get their recommendations.  Nothing is better than to know up front what is good or bad about a particular product.   The ability to shop around and to use the different manufacturers is good for you as a consumer.  You keep the competition going between them and you benefit in the end by their new and improved products.

Spend time learning about the different manufacturers and then make your own decisions.  You will be more comfortable with one manufacturer over another and that is what is important—working with products that you like.

Pastry cook prepares a cake with cream and chocolate

Presentation – On a Pedestal Server? Layered? Sheet Cake?


Presentation is everything—you have heard that before.  It is that first impression that counts and you only get one
opportunity for a first impression.  So, you want your beautifully decorated cakes to catch everyone’s attention with their beauty and elegance.

Depending upon the type of cake you make, you have a few options.  Or, you can even have more than one type of cake on the table.  Look for ideas in magazines on how to show your cake—they are always full of great ideas.

For a layered cake, you can present it on a pedestal server with fresh flowers strategically placed around the base.  This can even be the centerpiece for your dessert table.

Use a cupcake tree as a decoration on your table.  This tree allows you to put about 38 cupcakes into the stand.  It makes a beautiful presentation and is an excellent addition to the table setting.

A sheet cake is probably the most difficult to display because you are limited in your options.  This cake must be laid upon a flat surface.  However, do not think you are limited to placing it directly on the table.  You can take the top of a box (I use a Xerox box lid that I get from a local print shop).  I cover the lid with colored foil or drape a table cloth over it.  This gives the sheet cake some height and makes it stand out more because it is sitting higher than everything else on the table.  Use varying heights to create visual interest on your table.

No matter how you present your cake, do it with flair.  You will receive many compliments from your guests on the beauty of your table.